Antique Rose PatternAntique Rose
A plethora of tiny roses decorate this cream colored bone china tea set.
Elizabeth Grey Violets Pattern Elizabeth grey Violets
Large clusters of violets decorate this elegant Elizabeth Grey tea set.
Honeysuckle Rose PatternHoneysuckle rose
Pale pink roses and purple flowers decorate this bone china pattern.
Linnea Bone China PatternLinnea
Delicate pink flowers and light greenery make for a pretty tea table.
Pansy PatternPurple Pansy
A profusion of pansies cover this bone china tea pattern with gold trim.
Shamrock Patternshamrock
Green shamrock clusters are scattered across this bone china tea pattern.
Summertime Rose Patternsummertime rose
Vivid light and dark pink roses appear to bloom across this tea pattern.
Daffodil Chintz PatternDaffodil Chintz
Bright, pretty yellow daffodils accented with tiny pink and purple flowers.
English Cottage Patternenglish cottage
A lovely English cottage is nestled amid a colorful flower garden under a blue sky.
Lady Diana Chintz PatternLady Diana Chintz
Beautiful pink roses accented with lots of greenery on an a cream background.
Olde English PatternOlde english
Light pink cottage roses bloom across this lovely tea pattern trimmed in gold.
Romantic Rose PatternRomantic rose
Bright red roses are in full bloom accented with delicate rose buds.
Spring Garden Pattern spring garden
Lovely spring flowers of crocus, iris, daffodils, tulips and others decorate this pattern.
Teddy's Tea Party PatternTeddy's Tea party
Tiny teddy bears decorate this bone china trimmed in green tea set by Heirloom.
Eliza's Tea Party Pattern Eliza's Tea party
This tea set in decorated for Eliza's party complete with balloons and little mice friends.
Forget Me Not Patternforget me not
Delicate blue forget me not flowers and gold trim makes for a lovely china pattern.
Lily of the Valley PatternLily of the Valley
Pretty white flowers surrounded by bright greenery bloom on this china set.
Pansy Chintz Patternpansy Chintz
Pretty purple pansy clusters decorate this bone china tea set.
Scattered Rose PatternScattered Rose
Tiny, delicate pink roses decorate this very ornate tea set trimmed in gold.
Summer Bloom Patternsummer bloom
Pink, white, and pale pink rose trio make a lovely summer pattern.
Violets Tea Set Pattern Violets
Large clusters of violets decorate this tea set trimmed in gold.