Red and Blue Yixing Tea SetRed and Blue Yixing Tea Set
Pretty red and blue 10 ounce teapot and two matching cups.
Arch Bamboo Teapot Bamboo Arch Yixing
A uniquely shape 15 ounce yixing teapot with a beetle for a lid.
Frog Topped Yixing TeapotFrog Topped Yixing Teapot
A unique shaped teapot with a vine shaped handle and a frog on the lily pad shaped lid.
Peach Yixing TeapotPeachy Yixing Teapot
A 10 ounce peach shaped yixing teapot with a leaf on the lid.
Sack Yixing TeapotYixing in a bag teapot
A 15 ounce yixing teapot sits in a sack with Chinese characters.
Yixing TeapotFreckled Yixing Teapot
Simple 11 ounce teapot made of black clay with tiny yellow freckles scattered about.
Bee Top Yixing Teapot Bee Top Yixing Teapot
A bee rests on top of this 10 ounce green yixing teapot in a decorative brocade box.
Brown Yixing TeapotSimple Brown Yixing Teapot
A nice, simple brown 7 ounce yixing teapot with a decorative brocade gift box.
Bird's Paradise Yixing TeapotBird's Paradise Yixing
This unique yixing teapot is hand made with pewter Bird  accents.
Lotus Leaf YixingLotus Leaf Yixing teapot
Leaf shaped 4.5 ounce teapot with a bug sitting under a leaf for the lid.
Basket Yixing TeapotBasket yixing Teapot
A large 14 ounce brown clay yixing teapot that has a basket weave shape.
Butterfly Garden flower Garden Yixing
Pretty 18 ounce teapot with colorful painted raised flowers and a butterfly.
Pumkin Twist Yixing Set Pumpkin Twist Yixing Set
Cute 8 ounce yixing set shaped like a pumpkin with a blue twisted handle.
Tri Color TeapotTri Color Yixing Teapot
Beautiful 13 ounce Tri Color Yixing teapot comes with a stainless steel brewing basket.
Undiscovered Wonder Yixing TeapotContemplation Yixing
Uniquely carved 20 ounce teapot with two carvings of Buddha on each side of the teapot.
Dragon Duo Yixingdragon duo Yixing Teapot
Egg shaped 8.5 ounce teapot with a dragon for the handle and the spout.
Block Yixing TeapotBlock yixing Teapot
A 5 inch tall yixing teapot with a 15 ounce capacity decorated with Chinese characters.