Tea Party Themes

Many people enjoy the daily ritual of an afternoon tea. It can be informal and cozy or formal and elegant. The way your tea would be served depends on the number of guests and the location. Both an informal afternoon tea and a formal afternoon tea is usually served between 2 P.M. and 5 P.M. High Tea, by the way, is not a "fancy" tea as thought by many people. It is called the "working man's supper" because it is served later in the working day, and usually includes meat or a hot dish.

Following are some ideas for special occasion teas including menus and decorating tips. Modify these parties to fit your tastes, budget, and personal ideas for the perfect tea party.

Valentine Tea Party

Autumn Tea Party

Shades of Pink Tea or Colored Tea

Floral Tea Party

Christmas Tea Party

Strawberry Tea Party

Summer Herb Tea Party

Honey Apple Tea Party

Flowering Teas Tea Party

Anytime Tea Party