Tea party invitations

Tea party invitations are a very important component of the tea party. The invitation not only lets the attendee know they are invited, but also what to wear, bring, and expect during the tea. The invitations can be homemade or ordered from a printer. This is totally up to the host or hostess of the tea party.

How Many People to Invite?

The most important part of a tea party is to allow guests to share stories, ideas, and other information they have in common in a relaxed setting while enjoying a nice cup of tea. So, consider inviting people from specific circles in your life. Invite just people from church, work, relatives, etc. Feel free to invite others individuals who you feel will mix well and possible form new friendships.

Usually tea parties are occasions that only a few people are invited to attend, since only eight people are seated at a table. If planning a larger event, consider using several tables to seat between six and eight people, so that conversation is allowed to flow without raising the noise level. Using several tables makes seating arrangements easier if having a wedding or baby shower tea, since a variety of people will be invited who may not know each other. Mixing a table with friends and new acquaintances is a great way to make new friends and let new friendships blossom.

What to include in the Invitation.

The invitations may be hand-written or computer printed. Many computers have nice scripted fonts that work well for invitations. Make sure the invitations include polite wording asking the guest to tea, as well as all of the critical information necessary for each guest to know when to show and anything necessary to wear or bring. Consider enclosing an RSVP card that includes the date the invitee needs to respond by and the phone number to call to accept or decline the invitation. Returning the card by mail is also an option.

Printed directions may be included in the invitation if the party is to be held at a different location or if some of the guests are not familiar with the location of your home.

 The following are some examples of what to include in your invitation.

Miss Beth March
Would like to extend her cordial invitation
To a (Victorian, Valentine, Harvest, Summer Herb, etc.) Tea Party
Saturday, the First of July
At three o'clock in the afternoon
Hosted at her Home
On One twenty two Apple Blossom Lane
New Haven, Maine
Fine teas will be brewed,
And delicate finger sandwiches shall be enjoyed.
Casual dress
Please bring your favorite teacup to the party.
Regrets, please call 555/555/5555

You are invited to a Lavender tea party
A lovely thyme and lavender quiche will be served.
Please wear your prettiest lavender colored clothes.
Date: Friday, June 12th
Time: 2:00 pm
Where: 110 Purple Blvd.
Violet’s Home
Denver, Colorado
RSVP 555.555.5555



Please join us for a Bridal Shower Tea
Sunday, March 21st
At 5:00 in the evening
Celebrate with our elegant bride-to-be
Over tea and crumpets
Cocktail Attire
Hosted by the maid of honor, Maryanne Shanley
At 16 Nicola Way
Delmar, NY 12054
RSVP by April 25th
555 555/5555


Once you have set the date and time for your party send out the invitations at least 2 weeks in advance. If your list includes guests that are out of town, send your invitations at least 3 to 4 weeks before your party depending on how far your guest will have to travel.  

The Invitation

Invitations, like tea parties can be as simple or elaborate as you want. Making your own invitations is perfectly acceptable and allows you to design a card that reflects your personality. If you do not have the time to make your own invitations, purchase note cards from an office or stationary store and either hand write or use a computer to add the necessary information for your guests.

Invitation Ideas:

Paper doilies are a nice inexpensive way to make a tea party invitation. White lacey doilies are perfect for a pretty garden or afternoon tea. Many party stores have special shaped doilies for holidays like Valentine’s Day that are great for couple’s tea parties.

Paper fans with Victorian images are great for formal afternoon teas. Simply write the information on the handle. If not enough room, attach a separate piece of paper containing the necessary information to the back of the fan.

Decorate cardstock with dried flowers and ribbons also for a garden tea, afternoon tea or Victorian tea.

Click on the following thumbnails for tea related pictures that can be printed on cardstock for your tea party and the information can be hand written or printed on the back. Most invitations are 6x4, so set your printer to print this size. Cut out the picture and add your information to the back.

Mad Hat Tea party Arthur Rackham's (1867-1939) Mad Tea Party
Lady Londonderry Tea
June at TeaKate Greenaway (1846-1901) April May and June at Tea
Provence Rooibos
Tea party Kate Greenaway ( 1846 - 1901 ) Tea Party
Peach Apricot Black Tea
Tea for DollsA Tea for Dolls
Bone China Teapots
Lady Sipping TeaAn Elegant Portrait of a Lady Sipping Tea
English Afternoon Tea
Tea TimeAuthor John Elsley's Tea Time with puppies
Spring Berry Tea
Kitten Tea TimeMarie Yvonne Laur (1879-1943) Kittens by Cup and Saucer
Tea Brewing Accessories
Tea Party with KittensHenriette Ronner-Knip (Dutch) Tea Party w/ Kittens
Mlesna Wooden Box Teabags
Kitten Tea TimeKitty Having Tea
Flowering Teas
Kitten Tea TimeRichard Edward Miller (American, 1875-1943)
Holiday and Special Occasion
Henriette RonnerHenriette Ronner-Knip (Dutch, 1821 to 1909)
Bone China Cups and Saucers
Time for TeaBarbara Mock (Americian) Time for Tea
Heirloom Bone China
Lilac Tea PartyLilac Tea Party set in the garden
Bone China Tea for One Sets
Little Girl Tea PartyLittle Girl's Tea Party
Books About Tea

The following images are scans of fabrics that I have purchased and make a beautiful background for a tea party invitation. Simply print out the image on cardstock. Handwrite or print your information on another piece of paper that coordinates with the print out. Attach the information paper to the print out of the "fabric" paper. Make sure the information sheet is trimmed so that the "fabric" appears to be a wide border.

Note: Some of the fabric printouts make a pretty invitation without any coordinating paper.