Birds of Beauty TeapotGlass Teapots
Perfect for brewing flowering teas. Glass teapots let you watch your tea being brewed
Single Rose Teapotyixing teapots
An assortment of beautiful Yixing clay teapots from China.
Floral Shamrock TeapotTetsubins: Cast Iron
Teapots made of heavy cast iron from Japan. Also a nice selection of cast iron from China.
Wings of Grace TeapotBrown Betty Teapots
Traditional English teapot in four sizes. This style also has creamer, sugar, and mugs.
Rose Teapot with Warmer James sadler teapots
Beautiful teapots that are a pleasure to collect, display and serve. Lovely shapes and motifs.
Blue Ship TeapotBone China Teapots
Fine bone china from England featuring floral patterns, fluted teapots, and fun motifs.
Royal Estate TeapotPorcelain Teapots
Wonderful selection of teapots in many different colors and motifs that are dishwasher safe