Assam Estate Teas

The district of Assam is the world's single largest tea growing region located in Northeast India, Assam teas are grown at a lower altitude, up to bout 4,000 feet. Teas from Assam are very popular, since they make great breakfast teas. Breakfast teas are noted for their heartiness, strength, and body. These teas are full bodied with a malty flavor and an amber infusion. These are exceptionally grown teas are not bitter and are robust and rich enough to enjoy at breakfast or any time of the day.

Tarajulie Assam Teatarajulie-assam
A full bodied tea. This second flush Assam contains flavorful tips. Makes a great ice tea.
Assam Organicorganic assam
The leaf is quite small which adds to the strength of the cup. Good for ice tea.
Hunwal Assam Teahunwal-assam
An FBOP grade tea that is easy to drink all day. Makes a nice ice tea.
Assam Decafdecaf assam
Excellent full bodied tea with classic Assam maltiness. Makes a good ice tea.