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Keemun French Press
Keemun French Press
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Keemun French Press makes 350ml or about 12oz of tea and has an easy to clean all glass body, stainless steel filter, and silicone base. There is also a secondary filter in the lid.

Product Detailed Description
Keemun French Press is designed for everyday use to steep a great cup of tea with its dual-filtering system. The open design of this press allows you to see the steeping process as it happens.  When you make your tea, turn the lid to close the press while steeping and then turn it again to open it to pour to retain the heat and allow for better flavor for your tea.

How to Brew Tea in a French Press

1. Never brew tea in the same French press as coffee has been brewed. The oils are incompatible.

2. Add only the amount of  hot water needed for the cups of tea that are going to be poured as soon as the first steep of tea is completed.

3. Add desired amount of tea leaves. Never pour boiling water over the tea leaves, since this can burn them and cause a bitter cup of tea.

4. Steep the leaves for the desired strength of of tea.

5. Carefully lower the plunger about halfway to the bottom. The idea is not to compress the leaves, but to use the plunger as a sieve. Compressing the leaves may damage them and result in a bitter cup of tea for the next cup.

6. Pour off all the tea, either into cups, or into a separate carafe. Do not allow leaves to remain in any water in the French press since they will continue to brew and become bitter.

7. Re-steep the leaves as many times as you like the taste of the tea.

Caring for your French Press

  • Remove beaker from body and hand wash with soap and warm water. The beaker is dishwasher safe, but take care as other items knocking into it could cause breakage.
  • Hand-washing the plunger and filter mechanism is recommended.
  • Wipe down the body with a slightly damp cloth as needed, and dry with a soft dish towel.

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