Lavender Tea Party- Floral Tea

Decorations A white or dark purple tablecloth would look wonderful next to the lavender.

White dishes would compliment the setting.

For place cards: If using a white tablecloth, purchase dark purple envelopes, write the guests name in silver ink and glue stalks of lavender on the left side of the envelope allowing one or two stalks to stick over the top of the envelope. Seal a few seeds in the envelope for your guests to plant. If using a dark purple tablecloth, purchase silver envelopes and write your guests name in purple ink.

Place a large vase of lavender in the center of the table. Arrange the small lavender pots around the large vase (don't forget to give each guests a lavender pot at the end of the tea.)

MenuQuiche with Thyme and Lavender

Tomato and Dill Sandwiches

White Cake sprinkled with Lavender Sugar

Teas English Afternoon pairs nicely with the strong flavor and aroma of lavender.

Buckingham Palace Garden Party tea would be a nice way to the tea.

FavorsLavender Pots: Fill 2" terra cotta pots with florists' foam. Insert lavender stalks into the foam. Tie silver ribbon around the pot, making a pretty bow in front. The guests can allow the lavender to dry and use to scent a cupboard or drawer.

Fill a small jar (one for each guest) with some of the loose leaf tea that you are using for your party and cover the lid with lavender colored fabric and tie with silver ribbon. Place at each guests setting.