A Flowering Tea Party

Flower Tea Party Table DecorationsThe decorations can be a simple or elaborate as you would like. A solid color tablecloth and matching napkins in the color of your choice. If you are planning an easy and relaxed tea, use pretty paper napkins and plates. For this tea, solid colors will work best, since so many flowers will be used in the decor. Be sure to still use nice bone china cups and saucers. If you do not have enough, request that each of your guests bring their favorite cup and saucer to the tea. A formal tea would require china place settings and linen napkins.

Purchase inexpensive floral fabric. Cut into long, wide strips and tie around the back of the chairs for inexpensive chair ties.

For a centerpiece brew a variety of tea drops. Drain the tea drops and place in a clear, glass bowl of cool water. Place in the center of the table. Candles may be used for additional illumination. Simply place the bowl on a pedestal and surround it short, white candles.

Scatter the table with flower petals.

Placards can be made using dried flower petals and wax paper. Cut a piece of wax paper to the size of your desired placard. Write the guests name on a pretty piece of stationary. Trim the paper to 1/3 the size of the wax paper. Center the guest's name on the wax paper. Scatter a few flower petals on the wax paper around the name. Careful not to cover the name with the petals. Place another piece of wax paper on top of the decorated wax paper. Iron to seal. Trim the placard. Lean the placard against the stem of the wine glass.

If you would like to use placemats, cut them from the same cloth as the chair ties. This unites the table and gives some another layer to the table for elegance.

Flower Tea Party FavorsInexpensive wine glass (does not have to be crystal) with a tea drop brewed in the glass.

A small bag of a variety of tea drops.

Flower Tea Party MenuChamomile Tea- Serve chilled chamomile tea with a few rose petals floating on top to the guests as they arrive.

Lavender and Thyme Cornish Hen Tea Sandwiches

Herb Salad with Nasturtium Blossoms

Rose Water Madeleines with Candied Rose Petals

Petit Fours and pastries purchased from a Bakery

Teas:Brew your choice of tea drops in a glass pot at the table, so all your guests can watch the show.

Flower Tea Party ActivityFlower Tea Cup Swap: Each person brings a cup and saucer with a floral motif. Divide up into two teams. One team puts their names into a bag. Each person on the other team draws one name. They exchange their teacup with that person on the paper.