Valentine Tea Party

DecorationsUse a white tablecloth and sprinkle red rose petals lightly on the top or use a red tablecloth and sprinkle white rose petals lightly on the top. If using more than one table, alternate using the red and white tablecloths. On the white table, place a red heart shaped doily between the cup and saucer. On the red table, place a white heart shaped doily between the cup and saucer.

Use vintage valentines as place cards.

For a centerpiece, tape heart shaped balloons to sticks. Fill a vase with red or white raffia and poke the sticks into the raffia. Tie a large bow around the vase.

MenuScones with dried cherries (cut with heart shaped cookie cutters)

Pimento spread on white bread (cut with heart shaped cookie cutters)

Roasted red pepper spread on pumpernickel (cut with heart shaped cookie cutters)

Strawberry tarts with clotted cream

Chocolate covered strawberries

TeasRose flavored tea should be served before the the food. Try Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose green tea. Flavored teas do not always compliment the flavor combinations of the sandwiches and scones.

During the consumption of the sandwiches and scones, serve a Darjeeling or Assam black tea. Blended black teas such as Dragonmoon or English Evening compliment most menus.

Cream Earl Grey or Vanilla Rooibos (red tea) served after the menu would be a nice way to end the tea because of the desert like characteristics and refreshing flavor.


Give each guest as they arrive, a valentine to write a message to the person of their choice.

Ask the guests to be prepared with a poem concerning love, commitment, friedship, or other appropriate subject to share during the tea.

FavorsA small bag of chocolate hearts wrapped in lace and tied with a red ribbon.

Fill a small jar (one for each guest) with some of the loose leaf tea that you are using for your party and cover the lid with red silk fabric and tie with valentine ribbon from a craft store. Place at each guests setting.

A small silk rose in a small vase placed at each guests setting.