A Summer Herb Tea Party

Summer Herb Tea Party Table Decorations The decorations can be as simple or elaborate as you would like. Pale yellow and green make a lovely color combination for the Summer Herbal Tea Party. If you have a nice patio set, you may want to forgo the tablecloth and use placemats instead. If using a tablecloth, try to find a pale green cloth for the table that will contrast nicely with the pale yellow napkins. If planning a relaxed get together, paper napkins and plates are completely acceptable. For a more formal summer herbal tea party, use pale yellow chair scarves and bone china table settings. If you do not have enough, request that each of your guests bring their favorite cup and saucer to the tea.

For the centerpiece, visit your local garden center and purchase potted rosemary plants, hopefully, they will have the ones look like small trees. Purchase a large one for the center and enough small ones so that each guest will be able to take one home as a summer herb tea party favor. Simply arrange the small rosemary plants around the large one. Tie yellow ribbons around the plants for added color in the center of the table.

Placards for the summer herb tea party can be made using herbal bouquets, white cardstock, green felt pen, stickers depicting herbs and a bright ribbon. Cut rectangles from the cardstock and write the guest's name on the card with the green felt pen. Decorate the white areas with the herbal stickers. Make or purchase herbal bouquets. Nestle the name card in the bouquet and place one placard bouquet on each of the yellow napkins.

Summer Herb Tea Party Favors Herbal Vinegar (if you don't have time to make the vinegar, purchase some at a local gourmet food store)

Rosemary plant from the centerpiece.

Purchase pretty cups and saucers from second hand stores or garage sales. Plant an herb in each of the cups and place one at each place setting.

Summer Herb Tea Party Menu Chamomile Tea with Peppermint Ice- Serve chilled chamomile tea with peppermint ice cubes. To make the ice simply fill an ice tray with water and place peppermint leaves into each section. Freeze.

Roasted Chicken Salad with Tarragon

Minty Fruit Salad

Mini Cream Scones with Herbal Butter

Rose Geranium Pound Cake

Herbal Teas to Serve at your Summer Herb Tea Party Rooibos- Red tea from South Africa

Fruit and Herb Tisanes

Herb Infusions