A Strawberry Tea Party

Strawberry Tea Party Table DecorationsThe decorations can be a simple or elaborate as you would like. Any combination of pink and white such as; a pink tablecloth and white napkins or the opposite of a white tablecloth and pink napkins. This is a relaxed tea party that would be wonderful to have in a garden or park setting, so paper napkins would be completely acceptable. For a more formal strawberry tea party, use pink or white chair scarves.

Bone china cups and saucers are required even for an informal tea. If you do not have enough, request that each of your guests bring their favorite cup and saucer to the tea. An formal tea would require china place settings and linen napkins.

By each napkin, place a white paper doily rolled into a cone shape and taped. Inside the doily, just peaking out, place one strawberry dipped in dark chocolate and one strawberry dipped in white chocolate. I like to freeze them and take them out just before inviting everyone to the table.

For the centerpiece, paint small clay pots pink (one pot per guest as a favor to take home after the strawberry tea party) and one large white clay pot. Plant one strawberry plant in the small pink pots and several strawberry plants in the large white clay pot. Place the white clay pot in the center of the table and arrange the small pink. If the table is really large or if a large number of guests are expected, cover a large box with pink felt and place the large white pot on top of the box. Cover smaller boxes with white felt and place the boxes around the the pink box. Place individual pink clay pots atop the white covered boxes. Then place the rest of the small pink pots around the white boxes.

Placards for the strawberry tea party can be made using plastic or foam strawberries, white cardstock, red felt pen and an exact-o knife. Cut rectangles from the cardstock and write the guest's name on the card. Using the exact-o knife cut a small slit into the strawberry and place the name card in the slit.

Strawberry Tea Party Favors Strawberry Baskets: Line the basket with green tissue paper. Place a jar of strawberry jam. tea from that was served from the tea party, small strawberry scented candle into the tissue lined basket. Sprinkle strawberry flavored candies around the items for stability (so the items will not fall over.)

Strawberry plant from the centerpiece.

Strawberry Tea Party Menu Chamomile Tea with Strawberry Slices- Serve chilled chamomile tea with a couple of strawberry slices dropped into champagne glasses to the guests as they arrive.

Strawberry and Mozzarella Salad

Strawberry Chicken Salad

Strawberry Soup and Scones

Petit Fours and pastries purchased from a Bakery


Ceylon tea compliments the sweetness of the strawberries.

Lemon Green tea or Lemon Black tea pairs nicely with strawberries.

Strawberry Fields if you want to keep the strawberry theme going.