Tea Beverages

Following are delicious recipes for both hot and iced teas. Each recipe calls for tea bags, however substituting loose tea for the tea bags will make a much tastier beverage. Use 1 teaspoon loose tea per tea bag.

Hot Tea Recipes

~Capputeano ~Chocolate Mint Tea ~Cranberry Ginger Tea ~ Tropical Winter Tea ~Double Berry Tea ~Cinnamon and Orange Tea ~Holiday Tea ~Spice Apple Tea ~Almond Tea ~Herb Tea ~Green Apple Tea Tea au Lait

Iced Tea Recipes

~ Honey Apple Tea~ Orange Marmalade Tea~Minty Fruit Tea~ Cranberry Orange Tea~Iced Strawberry Tea~Citrus Iced Tea~Iced Cranberry Tea~Fruity Frosty Tea ~Cranberry Iced Tea